Alfred Benjamin Story

Alfred Benjamin Story Video Documentary– 2010-2014

While Dr. Woodson’s first marriage to Roberta Benjamin ended in divorce in 1979, he had a close relationship with her father, Alfred. Over the years Alfred, Selma his wife and Craig stayed in touch. During the marriage Craig had visited England and Germany where Alfred and Selma had lived during World War II and learned about his background and family. As Alfred advanced in years, Craig thought of giving Alfred the gift of documenting the amazing story of his life in Germany and move to the U.S. Completed in 2014, Alfred was able to see it before passing in August of that year.

The video shows how Alfred Benjamin (1916-2014), who was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1916 and later became an American citizen, found ways in the creative arts to heal and recover from the wounds of losing family members during the Holocaust.

This video is appropriate for those who seek artistic ways of living at peace with the tragedies of war. It can be used to show how the visual and performing arts can help heal traumas that came as a result of family loss.

Funding for this video project came from private donors. We are looking for new funds to promote this video of Alfred’s story.

The video documentary (43 minutes) is available for viewing by request. Contact Dr. Woodson at

Alfred and Selma Benjamin (2012)