Drumming and Storytelling for Healing

UNICEF: Drumming and Storytelling for Healing in Honduras and Ecuador – 2016

  • The idea in Honduras was to provide artistic expressions for those suffering as a result of murders, drug and family violence, and immigration trauma. In Ecuador, we worked with those who were recovering from a recent earthquake.
  • Activities included drumming, drum circles, singing, dancing, storytelling, and dramatic presentations.


This UNICEF-sponsored project was at one of their venues, COMVIDA, and other centers in Tegucigalpa.
This video link shows a song sung in collaboration with Baja Musical Arts Initiative in Tijuana, Mexico and other participants in Tegucigalpa, the song is called, ‘Oye’ (Are you listening?)
Drum circle and final performance at COMVIDA in Tegulcigalpa.


  • At the UNICEF project site in Chamanga, Ecuador, DOH provided drumming and drum-making activities along with storytelling in support of efforts for young people, teachers, and adults to recover from the April 16, 2016 7.5 Earthquake.
  • These video links include interviews and show students participating in our events: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6PzTomgmOQ (1:46)
  • Key to the success of this project was the expert assistance of musical artists based in Quito, Ecuador, a Latin, Hip Hop, Reggae band called Cocoa Roots.
This video link shows Cocoa Roots working with students in a song written based on student writing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ7wWdeyNAI (6:54)
Project participants, including Cocoa Roots, in Chamanga, Ecuador.