Drumming Events

  • Drum making – Participants enjoy making, decorating and playing a simple drum or other percussion instrument. All projects are age-appropriate and all materials are provided by Dr. Woodson.
  • Drum circles – This group activity provides leadership training, a sense of community and builds self-esteem.
  • Storytelling – Personal narration is combined with a craft activity where participants draw simple pictures of their sources of trauma, then use these drawings for dramatic presentations.

Lecture and demonstrations are available on any of the Current or Past Project subjects:

  • Black White Woodson Reconciliation (BWWR)
  • Black White Family Reconciliation (BWFR)
  • Alfred Benjamin video
  • Veterans’ Celebration
  • Six past projects: Iraq, Indonesia, Lost Boys, Honduras/Ecuador, Hands That Speak Volumes/Dancing Wheels,   


Fees range from $250.00 per hour to $500.00 per hour depending on the event. Additional costs might include air or ground transportation, shipping, accommodation, per diem, and/or instrument making materials. For areas outside of northeastern Ohio, there would be a minimum fee of $1000.00 per day plus additional costs listed above. Contact Dr. Woodson for more information at woodsonphd@gmail.com or call 440-725-8767. All fees charged go to the work of Drums of Humanity.