Youth Centers in Kurdistan

Two Trips to Kurdistan, Iraq 2009-2010

  • This project called ‘Ashti Drum’ (Peace Drum) was in cooperation with Kurdistan Save the Children based in Sulaymaniyah (Kurdistan), Iraq
  • Our team included Dr. Woodson, Christine Stevens (music therapist), and Constantine Alatzas (videographer).
  • The two visits were each 10 days long and included visits to youth centers in the northern Iraq cities of Halabja, Kirkuk, Darbandikhan and Sulaymaniyah. 
  • Participants made drums and other instruments and participated in drum circles, exploring the healing power of this activity.
  • The projects were funded by private donors, Remo, Inc., the Percussion Marketing Council and Ethnomusic, Inc.
This video link shows some of our work there. (3:00)

Dr. Woodson leading a drum making and drumming sessions in Kurdistan, Iraq at a Kurdistan Save the Children Center.